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Budget Dentistry Adelaide

Offers Terms & Conditions

Complimentary cosmetic consultation*

Why not come in for a free cosmetic consultation* and ask about crowns, dental implants, Smilefast braces, veneers or teeth whitening options? Our experienced Adelaide dentists will assess your suitability for your chosen treatment. They will discuss their findings and inform you of the cost of treatment. We also have payment plans  to assist your finances. Gap- free if in a health fund. No treatment performed at consultation. Diagnostic x-rays and scans, if required, will be charged separately. ‘The offer’ is subject to change/withdrawal without notice.



$150 Scale&Clean offer*

We offer a $150 Scale&Clean and dental check up. The offer includes, if required, 2 diagnostic X-rays and fluoride treatment. Our friendly Adelaide dentists and hygienists will perform a full dental check up and a qualified dental hygienist will undertake a thorough scale & clean. This process will take approximately 60mins. Our dental professionals will then discuss their findings with you and, if required, present you with a treatment plan and fees. We also have payment plans  to assist your finances should major dental treatment be necessary. $150 Scale&Clean available to all but free dental check up is for new patients only. Check with your health fund for rebate amounts for Scale&Clean. Gap-free for dental check up with a maximum of 2 bitewing x-rays. Offer must be taken as one Scale&Clean plus dental check up per patient and to be performed at the same appointment. This offer does not include consultation of a problem tooth. A separate consultation fee and treatment costs will be charged for any work done at this appointment. Treatment may involve replacing broken fillings, filling holes, fixing toothaches, extracting teeth etc. If you come in for a specific dental problem eg. toothache, wisdom teeth, broken filling, tooth removal etc. then a consultation fee will apply. (Item numbers: 013, 014 or 015). The consultation fee is charged to you in addition to the fees charged for the treatment (if any) carried out. ‘The offer’ is subject to change/withdrawal without notice. Not available for emergency appointments.



2 for 1 Dental Implants offer from $1,700* (T&Cs apply)

Have you got annoying tooth gaps that make you really self conscious? Are the state of your teeth holding you back? Do you want to get the smile you deserve? The solution to your missing teeth could be dental implants. We are currently offering 2 dental implants for the price of 1 (dental implants only - doesn’t include crowns). We also have payment plans  to assist your finances. Hurry ‘the offer’ is on for a limited time only so make your appointment with Budget Dentistry Adelaide before 30 April 2018 to qualify. 2 for 1 Dental Implant offer only includes what lies beneath the gum - ‘the offer’ is for the placement of the dental implant screw only. It does not include grafting for bone or gum deficiencies. Above the gum, the crowns fitted to the dental implant screws are charged per tooth independently of ‘the offer’. Anaesthetist/sedation fees are not included in ‘the offer’ and will be charged separately. Additional costs apply for diagnostic x-rays, scans and treatment planning. Consultation appointment and patient commitment to treatment must be made before 30 April 2018 to qualify. The offer’ is subject to change/withdrawal without notice.